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Welcome to Decoding Hinduism: A Journey to seek the real meaning of Hinduism

by Anubhav Bakshi
Welcome to Decoding Hinduism

Welcome to ‘Decoding Hinduism,’ a Blog dedicated to find the real meaning of Hinduism. First of all, I want to assure you that I have no intention of starting religious propaganda with this blog. There will be no attempts at demeaning other religions. And there will surely be no forcing of Hindu traditions down your throat. 

Sure we will be talking about Gods, Goddesses, Demons, Mythological Stories, Boons, Curses and anything and everything ever associated with the word Hinduism. But the intention here is not to tell you random stories and entertain you. But I want you to join me in asking questions about every aspect of Hinduism and finding their answers.

I hope that this assuages your doubts about the content that you are not going to read here.

What I want to Decode?

The stories in our Puranas and other Hindu texts have always enticed me. And I always wondered if these stories were true. There was always a conflict between the mind and the heart. So I made it my purpose to find out if there was more to these stories. And when I started finding the answers, I was amazed. In every story, every character has a reason for their existence. And there were many important life lessons to learn from these stories.

Now I wanted more, and so I started reading and thinking about all the traditions and practices followed in this religion. And the more I dug the more I fell in love with this way of life. I realised why this is the most advanced and scientific religion in the world.

This statement by Albert Einstein best summarizes Hinduism. It is because true Hinduism is one of the most scientific and evolved religions in the world. It does not intend to bind you to a set of rules. Instead, real Hinduism offers you the freedom to find your escape from the clutches of ignorance.

And this is what I want to share with all of you, the real meaning of Hinduism.

Hinduism is like an ocean of knowledge, with pearls of wisdom stored in its heart. But this knowledge is somehow lost to waves of time. So there is a need for all of us to dive deep into this ocean to bring that knowledge back to the surface.

And that is the reason I have created this blog. I want to unearth the hidden truths, decipher traditions and extract knowledge from our history and bring it to the world.

Who should be seeking the real meaning of Hinduism?

  • Young Readers

Youth today are disillusioned with the current rigid practices of the religion. I want to explain to them that the true form of Hinduism is a scientific and spiritual way of life.

  • Parents

Parents of today are struggling to connect their little ones with traditions. Their inability to explain the practical reasons for these traditions and practices becomes a barrier between their children and religion. Through the use of mythological stories, and reasoning I want to help them bring their children closer to their roots.

  • Anyone who wants to know what it means to be a Hindu.

It is easy to say that I am a Hindu, but not everyone can explain what it truly means. This blog will answer their questions and introduces them to the real meaning of Hinduism.

  • Anyone who wants to discuss, learn and read about the real meaning of Hinduism.

What will be discussed in this Blog?

In a series of Blog Posts you and I will explore Hinduism to its deepest crevices and will try and discuss every aspect of it, including but not limited to:

  • Why Hinduism is not just a religion?
  • What constitutes real Hinduism?
  • What makes real Hinduism different from the one we practice today?
  • How Hinduism is different from any other religion on the face of Earth?
  • Our Gods, Goddesses, and their mythical stories
  • Hindu Traditions
  • Goals, paths and guides in Hinduism
  • The concepts of Moksha, Swarg, Nark and Cycle of Rebirths

Blog Categories

This Blog will be categorised into two categories, namely:

In this space, we will dive into the depths of Hinduism to unveil its true form. I will discuss our traditions, practices, beliefs and other aspects of Hinduism and will try to look at them from the eye of reason to understand their birth and evolution.

I will narrate the stories from our Mythology and will explain the hidden meanings, truths and lessons from them. Through these stories, I want to reach out to our young readers, our children. I want them to have their first interaction with real Hinduism in a most interesting and informative way. This section is especially helpful for parents who want their children to learn about Hinduism.

I sincerely hope that these blogs can bring a change in the way people understand Hinduism and can encourage them to follow the path of true Hinduism so that they can feel the positive change it can bring to their lives.

I am open to all kinds of feedback. You can always share your thoughts using the Contact Me form.

I hope that this blog gives you the answers you are seeking and you find the real meaning of Hinduism to spread it further.

Enjoy your journey on Decoding Hinduism.

Anubhav Bakshi

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