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Gia & The Old Magician

by Anubhav Bakshi

Gia lived with her Granny, in a small hut on the edge of a Magical forest. The forest was home to ferocious beasts, magical beings, and enchanted lakes and garden. And all of it was ruled by a wicked and powerful Old Magician.

Granny never allowed Gia to venture deep into the forest. But Gia was a free spirit, and was always curious to know about what lied beyond her hut and small garden. And she was not ordinary girl. She could speak to animals, the moment she touched them. And they told her captivating stories about the forest and its magical beings. And the stories further fuelled her desire to explore the forest.

She did not have to wait long, as she had to go to the forest to get herbs to make medicine for her ailing Granny. Gia slipped out of the house in the middle of the night. And treaded on the path destiny had chosen for her where she encountered the terrifying, and enchanting secrets for the Forest. She made a new mysterious friend, formed new alliances, and learned about the atrocities of the Old Magician on the creatures of the forest. She also learnt a secret about her past that led her to cross paths with the Magician.

Will she succeed in her quest? Who is this mystical friend? Will she be able to defeat the Old Magician? And how this journey would change her destiny? The secrets of the Magical Forest will unfold?


This is an excellent read.

Gia & The Old Magician is exactly what I wanted for my daughter. She has read it many times over and loves the story. A must read for all kids.

Deepti Rawat

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