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by Anubhav Bakshi

About This Blog

Decoding Hinduism is an attempt to introduce the world to the real meaning of Hinduism. Hinduism is not just a religion. It is a way of life for a lot of people. The intent of this blog is to decode the hidden knowledge behind our Myths, Traditions, and Practices. Understanding what Hinduism truly means can change the lives of people in a substantial and positive way.

For parents, this blog would be a perfect setup to introduce their children to Hinduism, that they can understand and proudly accept.

Decoding Hinduism will include the following:

1. Explanation of the various practices and traditions followed by Hindus.

2.  Unfolding Beliefs of Hinduism and their explanation.

3. Discussions about the Varna System. Its Pros and Cons.

4. Why Hinduism is the most scientific religion in the world?

5. Mythological Stories from Puranas, and the hidden messages behind them.

My aim is to ensure that this blog adds value to your life. And I especially want the children to read it so that they can know what it really means to be a Hindu? Hinduism is a rare Religion that also acts as a way of life, which is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. And that is something all Hindus should know, understand, and be proud of.

About the Author

Anubhav Bakshi

As a child, I was always fascinated by the stories from our mythology. The stories of our Gods, Goddesses, and their battles with the demons to save the universe, always mesmerised me. I was especially fond of the stories from our Puranas, Mahabharat and Ramayan.

But I always looked at these stories from a different perspective. I always wanted to know the truth behind these stories, and all the traditions and practices that Hinduism taught us.

My curiosity led me to look at this religion from a rational point of view. I dwelled deep into the reasons behind all the practices and traditions followed in Hinduism. And the more I thought and read, the more I was amazed.

I realised that Hinduism is a mine of knowledge. The deeper you dig, the richer you’ll get. The concepts of Hinduism are valid even for the modern world.

And I have made it my mission to bring this true form of Hinduism in front of the world. And that is my reason to start this blog.